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JPRC provides specialized, high-intensity centre and community rehabilitation programs for persons with physical disabilities. The facility has a maximum capacity of 30 beds, and therefore provide in and outpatient services. We also offer other specialized services which include correction of clubfoot deformities by using ponset method and 2 weeks training sessions for parents with cerebral palsy children.

The services provided are as follows:

  • Physiotherapy services

  • Referral to surgical and medical treatment

  • Pre & Postoperative Rehabilitation care

  • Orthopedic/mobility aids for people with physical disabilities

  • Social services

  • Inclusive Pre-School

  • Outreach clinics


Our Vision:

A family of God that lives in accordance with the Gospel of Christ

Our Mission:
To improve the quality of life of persons with disability in the Catholic Archdiocese of Arusha by providing holistic services in keeping with Gospel values.

Historical Background:
Since 1998, St John Paul II Rehabilitation Centre (JPRC) is a centre for children, youth and adults with disability. Founder and initiator was Ms. Elfrieda Steffen, who also established a Handicapped Service Program known as “Huduma ya Walemavu” in order to give services to persons with disabilities especially in the remote area covered by the Catholic Archdiocese of Arusha. In 1993 the idea and need came up to expand the program into a rehabilitation Centre where persons with disabilities can be accommodated.

On 16th March 2016 the name of the Centre was changed to St. John Paul II Rehabilitation Centre (JPRC) as one of the requirements for the formal registration of the Centre.

The Centre works with poor communities in the area covered by the Catholic Archdiocese of Arusha.

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