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Youth Development, Health & Education

The Youths’ Office is conducting religious education in Secondary Schools and Colleges. Currently, the department is partnered with 150 Secondary Schools.

The department is also involved in the mobilization and capacity building of about 1500 youths. As employment has gone low, this regards spiritual matters as well as some entrepreneurship development at parish level in the eight deaneries in the Arusha Archdiocese.

The department is now encouraging self-employment. The department does seminars dealing with changing of behavior in all groups and colleges cooperating with VIWAWA and TYCS at Parish level, Secondary Schools and TMCS - Tanzania Movement Catholic Association.

Change of Life for Young People
From the age of fifteen (15) until forty (40) years old, young men and women are integrated in several youth activities such as seminars, spiritual exercises, conferences, choruses, drum or dance-groups. They offer free service like cleaning church environments, decorating and making preparations for Easter or Christmas Ceremonies.

The Youth is the future of the Church. To make young people grow in a Christian manner is one of the Church’s goals. That is why the department is aware of the pandemic threats of their wellbeing like, HIV/AIDS and always stresses the importance of creating culture of respect among youths regardless of their gender differences. As well, making them aware of crime and drugs environments. Self employment is encouraged due to lack of jobs. They are sensitized to use their talents, for example in the field of carpentry, garden, poultry or music, instead of hanging around in the streets.

Furthermore, the youths are encouraged to seek help and advise from their animatress/patron Sr. Prisilla Ndegwa (SMI). The Sisters are trustful contact persons. Whatever they carry on their heart, they can tell their problems and try to find a solution together. Being a member of a strong community makes young men and women resistant against many threats of life.

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