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Communications Department

The figurative sense, a communications department is the face of an enterprise to the public. Enquiries are directed there specific questions asked, information material requested. The Communications Department of the Archdiocese has an additional, significant responsibility, namely to support the parishes and deans in their endeavours regarding the various aspects of their work. 

The main responsibility of a Communications Department is two-fold:

External Communications
-   Inform the public about the news and goings-on within the Arch-
    diocese (internet, mailing newsletters, Facebook/Instagram, press
    articles, participate in or sponsor events e.g. fundraising.

-   Disseminate Information of the respective departments e.g. News of
    Canaan Children’s’ Centre, Meetings of Justice and Peace Commission.

Internal Communications
-   Inform parishes and deaneries about the news and events with the
    Archdiocese. Encourage the writing of articles/sharing the news.

-     Ensure steady communication flow between the departments.


For enquiries please contact:
Mr. Apolinary P. Shiyo, Communications Coordinator

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