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What does it mean in our modern world?
Evangelization means bringing the Good News of Jesus into every human situation by inviting individuals to join the divine power of the Gospel.

At the Archdiocese of Arusha, the program of New and Deeper Evangelization, both for the Catholic Faithful and for the Non-Christians, does just that. Evangelization is the basic foundation for the worldwide family to grow. It invites individuals to feel the power of the Gospel in their hearts and spirit, to become a valued member of their Domestic Church.

This Evangelization program concentrates on bringing the Good News to the Maasai Semi-nomadic polygamists who form two-thirds of the entire population of our Archdiocese. Five Deaneries out of eight are in fact Maasai Deaneries (Monduli, Ngorongoro, Simanjiro, Kiteto and Longido). Besides Christian renewal, the aim is on-going formation of the Family of God (Priests, Religious and the Laity) and of promoting Christian unity.

The Department of Evangelization is headed by Dr. Alex Lengeju and Peter Nassary as his assistant. During the past few years there have been quite bright and promising results.


The Gospel message gives us a different vision of what life is about. We see a pattern of love, hope, and meaning because the intimate relationship with God in which we were created, lost through sin, has been restored by Jesus, whose death has destroyed our death and whose resurrection gives us the promise of eternal life.

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