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AAIDRO conduct trainings and distribute Covid-19 protection materials

The project aimed as a response against the Spread of Coronavirus – Covid-19.

77 workers from the AAIDRO office trained 8 selected parishes of the Archdiocese of Arusha.

The selected parishes included Mlangarini, Chekereni, Mererani, Usariver, Ngaramtoni, Monduli juu, Monduli chini and Mto wa mbu.

  • First of all project coordinator introduced the project to Parishes before conducting training.

  • Then the Facilitator demonstrated how to wash hands with soap.

  • Beneficiary adopts the exercise of washing hands.

  • Later facilitator demonstrated how to put on masks.

  • Beneficiaries signed the distribution form before receiving the Covid-19 protection materials.

  • The last picture shows Beneficiaries receiving the protection materials after training.

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