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Canaan Children Center - Catholic Archdiocese of Arusha

Updated: May 14, 2020


Archbishop Isaac Amani of Arusha Catholic Archdiocese celebrated Holy Mass and ate lunch with orphans who are raised by Orphanage Centre of the Archdiocese. It was a unique occasion that took place on the last Saturday of February 2020. Local friends, who sponsor the Center, as well, visited the centre with their almsgivings. The orphans were filled with joy and more independent as they realized there is an outside community that loves them as well. It was very interesting in the way they organized themselves their sanity/cleanliness and participation in the Holy Mass. Building Relationship for "the Kingdom to Come” Such was the topic of the reflection of Archbishop Isaac Amani in his homily. The Archbishop focused on the significance of this Lenten Period, effectively explaining the Motto of Tanzania Episcopal Conference "Your Kingdom Come" The Archbishop highlighted the importance of Building Relationship with God and mankind, by examining and evaluating ourselves, where there is a conflict with God we build relationship and where it exists let us strengthen it by faith. In interpreting the Lenten Message of this year "Thy Kingdom Come" Archbishop Isaac Amani reminds that in order for this kingdom to reach us, may we not let this time of grace pass in vain. We must not be relentless in prayers and sacraments, as these are the spiritual forces that enable us to improve relationships with our fellow men. Contrary to that, the Archbishop tresses; Is to completely avoid the Kingdom. We must build our relationship with God by giving priority to the prayers and sacraments left by Jesus Himself as our spiritual armor and protection. When we have these immunities the devil will have no place in our lives. Abandon all forms of sinful behavior because it is against the Kingdom of God. Archbishop Isaac Amani emphasizes the ability to keep the commandments of God and of the Church. He urges us to have a good conscience, to give up retaliation rather forgiveness, to give up selfishness rather generosity or self-abandonment in order to reach the kingdom of God. Let us always approach God in faith, unless we accept him He cannot come to us forcefully, reminds us the Archbishop. In addition, the Archbishop high lightens that, we should live in justice and we must remove obstacles that are contradicting the worthy relationships in the families which are cherishing in each and every one of us. “Remove the differences between families, husband and wife, children and neighbours etc. Prayers and the sacraments enable us to eliminate the human weakness of seeing children and the elders have no rights as others”. Insisted the Archbishop. The Archbishop stresses that the Lenten period should be better served by being humble and acknowledging our weaknesses.

Currently, proper families’ relationships have diminished because people are becoming more involved in the world’s affairs. The joys of life and marriage have faded away. What should we do now! The Archbishop asks. However, the Archbishop notes that it is the cooperation of the existing community that we are able to strengthen our faith. The Archbishop invites every one of us to have a plan at the beginning of this period of Lent until Easter so that when the Easter - Candle is lit, it may be a symbol of new life.

About the Presidential and Parliamentary Elections of the year 2020 Archbishop Isaac Amani, warns and cautions us, that we should be careful in choosing leaders who are based on our correct thoughts. We should choose leaders who will bring grace rather antagonism for no reasons. We should gear towards choosing responsible leaders who are ready to stand for justice and defend the weak. In doing so we are obliged to pray hard so that God may enlighten our minds as to choose leaders who will be sincere in the ethics of their responsibilities, who as well able to give their time for the sake of the society and the church.

About the Children of Canaan Center, The Archbishop urged the children to build their lives in hearts with gratitude, to live in peace among themselves. That they should see their center a home and wonderful opportunity for holiness, the core of a successful life and love among themselves is the secret of life. The Archbishop has asked everyone to make effort by preparing and building healthy relationships for the forth-coming Easter. Meanwhile, the Executive Director of the Centre Dr. Alex Lengeju, noted the successes and challenges facing their responsibilities. Firstly the center has been able to increase the number of orphans from nine (9) to forty-six (46) and it has been successfully self-managed in small projects of piggery, poultry, rabbits and garden. The center is currently in the process of constructing a passable road from the main one to the centre. The challenges

Dr. A. Lengeju mentioned were including the lack of sufficient funds to run the Canaan Children Center daily activities. The Orphanage Centre still dependent on external and internal donors. The centre does not have hydro electric power (TANESCO) rather bases on solar power. The center fails to accommodate all children in need. During the rainy season road infrastructure bothers a lot due to flooding and slipring. Canaan Orphanage Center is owned by The Catholic Archdiocese Arusha. The Center started in 2013 the same year the Catholic Archdiocese had its Golden Jubilee Year. The center deals with orphans and AIDS-affected or vulnerable children. Others who accompanied the Archbishop were the Vicar General Fr. Simon Tenges, the Archdiocesan General Secretary, Fr. Juvenal J. Wengaa, the Director of Development in the Archdiocese, Fr. Faustine Mosha and other Priests from different deaneries in the Archdiocese of Arusha.

This information is compiled by The Department of Communications - The Catholic Archdiocese - Arusha

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