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The Project: Primary School St. Martin de Porres

At the foot of West Kilimanjaro in Lerang’wa, AAIDRO is building a new primary school.

Members of the Preschool and Edu-cation departments visit the constru-ction progress. The two dormitories for the boys and girls have been largely completed. Only the electrics and some work in washrooms and toilets are still missing. There is an urgent need for assistance with inte-rior fittings such as beds, mattresses, closets, staff corner for teacher, libra-ry, furniture like chairs and tables etc.

View on the kitchen building (left) and the school (right)

                The primary school with the two classrooms and the kitchen building with the auditorium are still under construction. But the team is quite satisfied. Within the scope of the possibilities, the work is progressing well.

However, a water problem arose during the construction period. Here at the foot of Kilimanjaro there was always plenty of water, the whole area was green. But due to climate change, it has not rained here for months. The school is supplied with water from Kilimanjaro by pipe. But because of the drought, elephants destroy this pipe again and again in order to get water themselves.

The now weekly repair of the pipe causes the construction work to stall and the construction costs to skyrocket. Since this problem will

At the food distribution, members of AAIDRO discuss the challenges in the construction

The daily view of the preschool children on the new school

probably increase in the future and the water supply for the school must be ensured, a water harvesting system is to be purchased. But there is simply no money for this.

And another problem has arisen. The school is located between Amboseli National Park and Kilimanjaro National Park. Because of the drought, many more animals now migrate back and forth between the two nature reserves than before. In order to protect the students from nocturnal visits by lions and elephants, a fence is now also needed around the school grounds. We are also dependent on your help and support for this.

Next to the school under construction is the preschool that AAIDRO previously set up and now supervises. We are told that the children can hardly wait for the new school to finally be finished and for them to continue learning there. But today they are not there. The holidays have just begun. But there is still a lot to do at the Primary School. Without financial support, it will be difficult to complete them at the beginning of the new school year.

Dear Friends and Supporters of the Catholic Archdiocese of Arusha,

We very much appreciate your contribution for the support of our projects.

The kitchen building under construction and the finished dormitory next to it

Two members of AAIDRO visiting the bedroom for girls

View from the dining room to the dormitory and the dry area.

A short visit to the Preschool

Inside the Preschool


Preschool Educators and Programme team posing for a photo during the training workshop conducted at Epiphany centre Burka.  AAIDRO Executive Director visited them during training. The training based on improving quality education for the children aged 3-6 years in the rural Maasai communities. The training as one of the program activities is supported by Kindermissionswerk Germany


Auxiliary Bishop, Vicar General, Enduimet Parish Priest and the Progamme team visited the ongoing construction of Pre and Primary English medium boarding school in Lerang’wa village west Kilimanjaro in Longido District. The construction is supported by Italian Conference of Bishops – Italy and implemented by Preschool Program

Monitoring and training on- Spot 

Children in group activities, 1st photos children are in circles listening to the teachers when introducing topic.

2nd photos children doing experiment of measuring things and the others are doing Maths in one of the learning areas (science corner and Maths corner)

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