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Justice and PeaceCommission (JPC)

The Justice and Peace Commission was established during the Arusha Archdiocesan Synod in 2000: Christian communities asked the Church for assistance in the promotion of Justice and Peace to continued violation of human rights.

During further investigation it became quite obvious that in the communities is great need regarding the uphold of individual rights and responsibilities as well as creating and preserving a just and peaceful society. Thus, the commission was established. JPC provides free seminars and lectures on human rights, social justice and civic responsibilities.

Our vision is towards truth, freedom and a peaceful life for all people of the Arusha Archdiocese.

Our mission is to render moral and spiritual formation in collaboration with other partners in order to promote human rights an build a just and peaceful society.

Programme Activities
Various activities are being offered in the seven districts covered by the Arusha Archdiocese. These districts are Arusha Municipality, Arumeru, Monduli, Simanjiro, Kiteto, Longido and Ngorongoro, which are located in the northern part of Tanzania and currently contain an approximate population of more than two million people.

1. Training
To selected focus groups in the communities, JPC provides seminars and workshops on subjects such as human rights, good governance, effective leadership, poverty reduction strategies, mediation and conflict resolutions as well as other relevant subjects and topics.

In addition, there are TOT (Training of Trainers) sessions for future Justice and Peace course instructors. Mostly, they have been selected by the Small Christian Communities/parish levels. After thorough training, the instructors serve as trainers themselves in the respective communities. In addition, they as provide other services such as basic legal advice or guidance and interventions in common human rights violations.

2.  Awareness Creation
JPC regularly also provides lectures and seminars for communities, target parishes as well as for various focus groups such as journalists, clergy, nuns, police officers, students and teachers from primary to tertiary level, institutions, etc. Awareness creation is carried out on various subjects relating to social justice based on the Social Teachings of the Catholic Church.  

3. Legal Guidance & Counselling
Free legal counselling, advice and guidance as well as interventions in conflict resolutions are also provided by the JPC in Arusha.

4. Lenten Campaign
JPC facilitates the identification and implementation of Lenten Campaigns in the Arusha Archdiocese. They are aimed at raising people’s awareness of their civic responsibilities as well as encourage them to play an active part in the social changes in their communities.

JPC Programme Objectives
Objective 1 – To uphold the dignity of each person by facilitating social change through awareness creation on social justice in the community.

Objective 2 – To give a voice to the voiceless (especially the marginalized people) in the community and facilitate their awareness and access to justice.

Objective 3 – To instigate and establish various peace and reconciliation forums and opportunities in the community.

Objective 4 – To defend, promote and support sound and just economic systems, labour conditions and equal distribution of social amenities.

Objective 5 – To network for the common good through the establishment of a just government and the rule of law in an atmosphere of effective leadership and democracy in the community.

Objective 6 – To collaborate and network with other partners involved in promoting peace and justice at various level in the community.

Best Practice Program
Working at the community grassroots level within various organs of the Church and the community in order achieve

  • Creation of awareness on social responsibility, action and justice

  • Facilitation of access to justice for marginalized members of the community

  • Initiate social change through individual and collective actions resulting from people’s awareness

  • Collaboration with other stakeholders including AAIDRO Development projects and other community development partners

Future Plans and Projects
To implement peace-building initiatives in relevant areas having inter-tribal and other conflicts within the Arusha Archdiocese:

  • Lobbying and advocacy on issues of environmental preservation and protection

  • Facilitation of increased awareness on social rights and issues as well as access to justice

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