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Providing medical care – be it in setting up a doctor’s office or pharmacy - is already an undertaking by itself that requires not only the expertise of course, but also lots of stamina, and sufficient funding. Looking back at the history of the Archdioceses Health Department, and its vision to serve people in its vast area of 67,340 sqkm, still sounds adventurous nowadays. And yet, the vision of the 1980s came true.

As of December 2019 there are three hospitals, seven health centres, one rehabilitation center and 15 dispensaries

(for complete list click here)

Head of the Health Department, Dr. Frida Mokiti, is happy to inform about further accomplishments:

  • Three health facilities were registered under the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Elderly and Children

  • A fixed asset register prepared in 20 health facilities

  • Construction of Endulen staff house six in one is at its final stage

  • Endulen and St. Elizabeth Hospitals received a new digital X-Ray Machine, another X-Ray was donated to Simanjiro   Health Centre

  • For improvement of three health services donors’ support was obtained

The roles and responsibilities of the Health Department include:

  • Provision of quality and affordable curative and preventive health care services along with spiritual care

  • Helping people with chronic illness and disabilities

  • Coordination of all health facilities and projects within the Archdiocese

  • Overseeing the implementation of health policies and use of resources

  • Liaise with government for support

  • Provision of advice and guidance to the Archdiocesan health facilities

However, there are still areas, e.g. the widespread Ngorongoro area, where the Maasai native people are not only hard to reach but also hard to convince to seek medical treatment. Especially young mothers are at risk. Although they may seek (modern) doctor’s/gynecologist’ s advice during pregnancy, birth is mostly given at home with risks for both mother and child. Focus these days is also being put on a healthy diet.

In addition to keeping the hospitals, health centres and dispensaries up to date and improving, the professional development of the staff is also an important item on the agenda of Dr. Mokiti and her team.

Plans for the future are to establish a health college at Njiro and to build a medical industry warehouse and central pharmaceutical industry.

For more on the history of the health department click here

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