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Every year on the 1st of May, we celebrate workers' day by collaborating with other Hospitals and other government institutions. In that day, different institutions used to demonstrate different activities that they do and conduct in their work areas.
St Elizabeth Hospital is one of the best Hospitals which demonstrates the good practice of what we always do to clients and patients who attend here seeking medical care.
The pictures on the left side show staff from St Elizabeth Hospital celebra-ting with Cup as the first winner in the worker's day celebration in Arusha Region.


The photo on right side is showing our new pharmacy (ST. MARTINE DE PORES)
This pharmacy is providing the drugs and medical equipments which are not available in the package of medical insurance like NHIF and NSSF. Not only that, but also the properties supplied by this Pharmacy are not available in Hospital pharmacy.

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Medicines and medical supplies donated by CED Germany to increase our pharmacy capital

We were very happy that in February 2022 we received medicines and medical supplies for Trinity Pharmacy. CED -Germany donated these and delivered them via Action Medeor Dar es Salaam. We say many thanks for this.

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Prowatschinger Group visit Endulen and Wasso Projects

In January 2022 the Prowatschinger Group visited Endulen and Wasso Projects. 

In the left, picture shows Archbishop Isaac Amani, Archdiocesan Health Secretary, Pro-Watschinger and Dr. Herbert Watchinger Fonds Team Project Manager for Benefactors Pro-Watschinger and Herbert Fonds.

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Pro-Watschinger Team and Wasso Hospital Staff

Pro-Watschinger Team with Dr. Fr. Thomas Brei, Dr. of Anaesthesia from St. Claire Mwanza, Mrs, Georgina, Health Secretary of the Catholic Archdiocese of Arusha and Wasso Hospital Staff during  the visit in Wasso hospital in March 2022.

Pro-Watschinger team from Austria, Emirates Representative from Germay, Mrs. Georgina Tenga -Project Manager for Benefactors Pro-Watschinger and Hurbert Fonds, at Arusha Airport with Flying Medical Services (FMS) Aircraft

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St. Ebenhard Dispensary opened

St. Ebenhard, a new Dispensary opened in November 2021. In the picture, you can see Archdiocesan Health Secretary with Dispensary staff during the official visit in January 2022.

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Improvement of diagnostic services at Endulen hospital. Action Medeor donated Biochemistry Machine

The picture shows Archdiocesan Health Secretary, Dr. Frida T. Mokiti with the Technician visiting Endulen Hospital in March 2022.


We say many thanks to Action Medeor for funding a Biochemistry Machine.

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