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When meeting with Sister Regina, Educational Director, there’s no doubt about as to what “Education” is supposed to be: Lots of smiles, friendly determination, energetic approach to things – and of course never stop to have an open, inquisitive mind. All the right prerequisites for the task, the overall coordination of all the educational activities of the Catholic Archdiocese of Arusha. As well, to ensure that the respective curricula are implemented according to the

Tanzania Episcopla Conference (TEC)
Ministry of Education and Culture (MOEC)
Christian Social Services Commission (CSSC)
Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA)
and Education and Training Institutions in the Archdiocese.

Since 2012 Head of the Archdiocese’s Education Department, Sr. Regina’s also overseas the following    

20 Secondary Schools
30 Pre-Primary Schools
29 Primary Schools
11 VTC (Vocational Training Centres)
01 University

With approx. 50,000 students per year, these numbers are quite impressive, as are the tasks of Sr. Regina and her team. So, she spends quite an amount of time in the office? “No way”, she replies determinedly, “quite the opposite, having the ear to the ground is very important, listening not only to the heads of the intuitions, the teachers and of course the students themselves is essential, not to forget the parents. Despite or even because of the mass media, and the often enough disturbing influences, the children and young adults need trustworthy counselling and guidance”.

Further on her list of responsibilities is the liaising and consulting the VTCs, networking with stakeholders like Miseroer, heads of schools, the various school and government boards, trainee programs, to name only a few.

Another big portion of their multitude of tasks is finding the right person for the job i.e. for the respective institution. Because not only “leading skills” are required, they should also be good representatives on the government bords and ensure quality education policies. Of course, Sr. Regina wouldn’t be Sr. Regina hadn’t she a new project ‘in the pipeline’, as she puts it. A Master program to be introduced in April: Seminars on Teaching Methodology starting with Mathematics.

In addition to providing the Bishop and stakeholders with regular updates on the educational sector, another major responsibility is the task as school inspector which involves quite a bit of travelling due to the vast area of the Archdiocese. But, true to her vocation, Sr. Regina doesn’t mind, quite the opposite - since to ensure quality education is implemented everywhere is the overall goal.

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