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Welcome to our Archdiocese. We are happy that you visit and invite you for more information about not only our present activities but also our longstanding history during the past 57 years.

The year 2020, its sounds so new and fresh – and yet, the challenges and problems the world faces allover are not being left behind, there are following us. Be it the fight against poverty, health issues, and now, the global climate change visible and perceivable for all of us.

The more important it is to believe, be comforted by the trust in the Lord and the Gospel shared amongst us. What I would to share with you is the task or maybe even exercise Auxiliary Bishop Prosper Lyimo gave us with during the New Year’s Mass on January 9, 2020: “Lk 4: 14 – 22: Keep an open mind, listen to the Holy Spirit in you, feel his strength”.



I remain best wished and blessings,

The Most Revered Archbishop Isaac Amani
January 2020

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